Find international Business Opportunities in Japan


The Japan Trade Organization (JTO) is an Organization in Japan that promoting international business opportunities between Japanese companies, and the companies & individuals around the world.

Japanese economy relies on a strong global trading environment. The Government of Japan strongly committed to international business community to helps & promote the great atmosphere for international trading in Japan.

As a country of business opportunities, Japan enjoys its stable economy and convenient business infrastructure. The business environment of Japan is regarded as the most sophisticated in the world. Japan provides a safe and comfortable community infrastructure. International companies are satisfied with security, hospitality, beautiful nature and delicious & healthy cuisine of Japan.

Being a country with a vibrant and booming economy, Japan has the second most technologically powerful economy in the world after the United States. The country also has the third largest economy in the world after the United States and China, when measured on a Purchase Power Parity basis. It also ranks as largest importer and largest exporter as well.

Japan now serves as a trend-setting market, not only for industrial applications but also for consumer styles and trends. With enough and adequate and reliable power supply, Japan is a good place for aspiring investors to explore. Japan Trade Organisation introduces business opportunities in Japan that bring quick returns on investment for smart investors.

The Japan Trade Organization “JTO” support efforts of Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry “TCCI”, Japan External Trade Organization “Jetro”, Japan Chamber of commerce, as well as all other Japan world trade Organization and agencies across the Japan to promote business relationship between Japanese enterprises and trade bodies in other countries.